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For the Children


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Waiting for silence though the noise still consumes my ears
More and more violence waging war for the selected few
‘CAUSE you can’t take away all those profits
For THE few that have more than they can use
So crawl around stick your head in the ground
Will you let them run all over you…Yeah

Mortar flying right over their heads
Are those commies faces RED
Bullets count and how many ARE dead
Could this be the sixties all over again
Please excuse me I would like to know
Who made up those lies and told those folks
Go out into the fields hang tight to your gun
I need to fill my pockets son…

Throw around the constitution like it was some kind of solution
The wrong revolution more pollution to cover what’s at stake

Just say No! it’s not your game turn away from the daily fox
They got you covered over your head over your eyes
Can’t you see their raging mad

It’ s time to take a stand teach those around you to understand
Yes you can to make a difference and kick their cans you American

They got the FOOLED into believing an old rule it never worked out
Yet they throw it back don’t you know don’t you have your doubts?
They’re giving it to you

Power to the people not those aristocrats who take it all and it
never trickles back what they tell you is not real just a bad deal…

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Yeah...dig the message. Wicked.

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