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Bringing it home to me


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Well you shook it up and now your shaking you down
And your life like a crazy dream
Now you know who’s to blame and its not me
But baby can’t you see it’s not all how you want
It’s all coming down and it’s all cause of the rock
And now your here your a little crazy
It’s not the way in life to be
I don’t need you bringing it home
to me
Bringing it home

Your going crazy round the neighbourhood shouting out at your friends
Getting drunk in the street again and again
Getting laid by the local boys who of course use you like a toy
And now your coming back to me and complaining more and more
Oh baby can’t you see that your crazy
And life isn’t like one of your crazy dreams
You can’t keep coming back to me bringing it home
Bringing it home

It’s crazy girl what you do each day as you smoke that rock and go out and play
It’s not the life I want you to lead
If you act like crazy like your alone in your head your like some kind a kid with a brain bleed
Life’s not like one of your crazy dreams
In life what you do is what you be
And you’ve got the cheek to bring it all home to me
Bringing it on home girl


It’s crazy girl you can’t live your life this way
Life ain’t like one of your crazy dreams
In life you can’t do what you do and get away with it babe
Your just bringing it home, to me
Your just bringing it home to me

Its the same everyday it brings you the same kind of pain
You don’t need to do what you do
I brought you up right to do things a different way
But I guess you’ll do what You do
It’s crazy how you are as you live in your crazy dream
In life you can not do what you do and get away with it babe
You got to get down get yourself grounded and do a different thing
Instead of
Bringing it home
Bringing it on home to me

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Nice groove@

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