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Everybody's High


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I’ve been watching the wire and this came to mind thanks for listening

Walking down the street
you can see them standing there
Their all selling a high trying get yah to the sky
Huddled in a circle muffling their words
It’s all about the money the man and their word
A big gold chain hangs around their necks
Showing their worth showing their not yet dead
Everyone around you is playing the same game
So get down on your knees and start to pray
cause everyones high
God dam high
Everybody knows
Everybodies high
Everyone can see everyones high

As you walk down this street
every girl is a whore even the school girl is dancing to the beat
You can see by the faces in the windows hanging on the wall
Their all cracked and ready to fall
Guys what the hell
Who are you trying to be
No one gets anything for free
No one gets anything for free

Walking down the street you can see the man there
He knows what he’s doing he ain’t no square
He’s dressed in blue and knows exactly what to do
he takes their money and looks away
The money spread up from the street
To police commissioner right up to mayor
The dealer feeding up and down the street he has no fear
He’s got no fear

Every body’s high
Every body’s high
Every body’s high

You could walk on down this street
many years it was pretty neat
Now paper flies down the road
All the rubbish that smell oh god
You can see the cracked out whores just wanting more
You know now for sure everything has gone the crazy people just want more
Cute every body around you is getting high
every body round you has started to fly
Everything about you screams and you know
You don’t want to get high you wanna get clean
But everybody’s round you is high
Everybody’s high

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oldfolks2 said

Good stuff ..... I will get round to watching that show one day ......

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