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Poor old Reg he’s getting older and has started to lose his friends he’s come to realise if he lives long enough all his old friends will be gone and he will be alone unless he starts to make friends but the older he gets the harder he finds out to make friends, acquaintances are easy but friends!!…..Thanks for listening
Someone said those days would last forever
That life would remain the same
But funny enough I longed for those days to have never ended
Now all that’s left are the memories we made for tomorrow
Busted dreams in that far of land
Were the best dreams made of any man
Tomorrow now is just another day
Where the hopes of yesterday have gone, no body can say
Where have those dreams I had, I don’t know
Now I don’t understand, which way I have to go
There don’t seem to be any signs on this road
I’m not a prophet I’m just a man
Who’s trying his best to understand
What it takes to be a man
I’m Lost in this sad world I just don’t understand
Trying my best to try to start again
To build that trust up in my fellow man
Round the roundabout of life I must go
Watching this life spin out of control
Not really knowing which way I must go
I tell you I’m not a prophet I’m just a man
Trying my best to try and understand
What it takes to be a man
lost in this world I don’t understand
I tell you I’m trying my best
To start again
to build my trust up in my fellow man
Round and round I go on this roundabout of life
Watching my life Spin out of control
Looking for some kind of sign on this lonely road
onward I must go
On and on I must go

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