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Gotta leave the city


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we have sold the house, finally and are hopefully about to leave the city to live in the beautiful countryside and this song comes from that want to move on to new horizons……Hope you enjoy…..Just piano and voice

I’ve got try to find a way out
I can’t stand no more
from a city that hurts and mocks me
i can’t take anymore
i can’t take anymore
my heart is breaking, its heavy
it aches as it slides to stone
out on the horizon theres is nothing
nothing for me but a hole
just dead bricks surrounds me
i need to find a home
all i got is this city
i got to leave it behind
i gotta get gone from this city
i gotta keep it away from my mind

i need the cool breeze
blowing on my face
i don’t need this heavy heart ache
Breaking my pain
What i need is love
all got here is the hurt
all there is is dream
that hurts and mocks my soul
i gotta leave this city
i tell you i gotta go
theres something about it that mocks me
in search of love i’ve got to go
in search of love to fill this soul

got nothing but hurt here in this city
theres nothing here for me
i gotta stop thinking
i can’t take no more
once i thrived on its heartbeat
once the energy was right
but now it just shames and mocks me
i’m living through the endless night
i gotta leave the city
that once i loved
i gotta leave the city i once love
but its done nothing but hurt and mock me
its stop the making of me
the city streets have made me ugly
bitter and twisted like the wind
i gotta leave the city
the one i once truly loved
but now it’s destroyed
destroyed my love
i gotta go
i gotta go
i gotta go

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thetworegs said

Now with a video

Guest said

Oh my, smokeeee! Cool performance! Love the song! So you are going to join us country bumpkins. Ha, they're gonna love you!

Guest said

Love it!. You do bring to mind Billy Holiday. Skywalker Payne

Guest said were this sultry cabaret bar babe in your last life, leaning up (or lying saucily atop) a piano and purring your way effortlessly through the martinis and smoke. (Also, love this melody!)

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