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November song w Redler


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Kari put this backer up on Songcrafters looking for a vocal so i jumped at the chance to collborate again with Kari…Thanks Kari

November’s song w/Redler
Autumn is over, it’s now the season of reflection
Autumn is done and winter is here
the candle light flickers throughout the cold evening
Chasing the light as it wrestles with the dark
Night time falls as the cold takes a hold
I sit I reflect on what its like to be growing old

Watching the children as their excitement grows for Christmas
The smiling faces, and all that love
The over excitement and the tears that fall
Reminiscing the love of ones lost to time
Saying goodbye, is never easy
as the first winter snow falls
How I miss that love that helping hand
But now that love is gone
How I miss their love
Gone like summer
How I miss their love
Autumn is over, it’s now the season of reflection
Autumn is done winter is here

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igor said

That fleeting thing that has passed, and always passes. Let it remain a warm wave that comes from the back streets of memory.

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oldfolks2 said

A bit of magic mate ....

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