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I think my cheeks ached when I got on the plane to come home from California I had smiled so much. It was the blue sky with the sun what else can you do but smile


Watching from the shoreline as the boats go by
The bridge looks on and silently complies
I Walk up to Presidio with the California sun
With a cool breeze blowing on me from the bay
and I smile
Its a beautifiul day
Ooh how I smile

I meet a friend at ten down by the bar by the ferry
We have a drink or two or maybe it was three
We’re as high as kites and feel free
We walk along the shoreline up to the wharf
And we smile
how we smile

The Calfornia scents in the air
The smell of grass is everywhere
Theres a sense of freedom I haven’t felt since my younger years
I turn to face the sun and I smile
The blue sky seems to complete me
and I laugh and I smile
Ooh how I smile


We run down Balboa across inner sunset down to the park
Lay on the grass watch the seagulls fly high up above us
And chat out our dreams
chat away till the sunsets on the scene
We lay there for an hour almost sleeping
But We smile
Oh how we smile
Yeah we smile
How we smile

Guest said

Lovely song! Chris

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

its great to hear all the familiar names of streets and places in this tune. also conjuring up great memories. Clean, unplugged delivery. Nice. cheers!

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