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Trumps In Charge God Help Us (W Kenneth)


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I’ve taken up Kens Challenge to work on this backer with him.I hope no one is offended by this too much. Its just an opinion , i’ve tried to describe the conflict in American politics and the world to the new President Trumps and his attitudes to the world around him as i have seen it through the worlds media fake or not??? Anyway i hope you like Ken all i can say in my defense is that i’m trying. Thanks ken for letting me play…

Trump is in charge God Help us
we’re building a wall,
Yeah you said
we’re building a wall
Yeah inside your head
we’re building a wall, it’s gonna go up quick
Oh Man, you are such a Prick
we’re building a wall to keep you fuckers out
Are you sure it’s not to keep you fuckers in

Give me your poor your weary and your weak
Yeah! you’ll be throwing them all out within the week
i’m more popular than Obama
Now thats just fake news
Putin he loves me
He just wants the Crimea to be his once more
I’m cutting the Paris agreement who believes the Earth’s getting warm
Are you insane, i cant take any more

It’s gonna be big oh so big
What’s that your ego or your head
We need the right Judges to restore the role of law
Yeah get those women under control lets get back to the 50’s once more
I’m working for you, and only you
So you’ve given up your business interests nothings coming directly to you
We don’t want no Syrian refugee’s coming here, we don’t know who they are or what they want to do here
Even though the USA threw the brick that created the hornets nest
Were gonna build a pipeline through the Indian reservation
is that because you don’t give a fuck about the indian nations
I’m gonna bring this country together
I can’t see that i think it’ll be divided forever
Everybody loves me i’m gonna be the President we ever
I think you’ll end up impeached or dead

World War Nine's avatar
World War Nine said

Don't let ol "Pump 'n Dump" Trump scare you. The big bad Russkies are more in control nowadays, anyhow.

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Sister Savage said

He doesn't deserve to have you singing about him, although, your lyrics justify it...hahahahaha! Scary stuff in a clever musical bundle.

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Greg Connor said

Good one!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one Trev

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