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It Had To Be You


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Thought I’d share something from my latest project: Putting together instrumentals of public domain songs to use as intermission music for a community theater production. We got dinged for streaming copyrighted music in our previous production’s livestream, so I decided to find some songs with copyright 1926 or earlier.

I figure personal recordings of public domain songs should be kosher. I programmed the bass/drums/keys using iRealPro & overdubbed live rhythm & solo guitars.

“It Had To Be You” was composed by Isham Jones, copyright 1924

This will be used for the Second Act Players’ production of “Old Hams”

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Greg Connor said

Well done Tilden! The circumstances made me chuckle. Those Rosemont people will make you work for it.

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Colleen Dillon said

Sounds awesome Tilden! A great choice to have playing during intermission. Very nice rendition.

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