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I’ve put out a call for lyrics for me to add music / turn into a song. My college buddy Myron responded and this is the demo I recorded using my phone.

I’m working on a full production (backing tracks recorded, still need to record guitar solo & vocal track); I’m posting this demo as a ‘before’ and will post the finished product when it’s ready.

Here are Myron’s lyrics:

My shopping cart broke, so I’m schlepping my bed
My check is late, and the dog ain’t been fed
The shelters are full, and they’re all in the red
The cop says move on, you might end up dead
oh yay. oh yay. yay us.

With shined face & shoes, my pants clean and pressed
Took my self to the protests, and gave it my best
Got stuck in a Q, I’ll have to give it a rest
No prayers for the future, can’t afford to get blessed
oh yay. oh yay. yay us.

Now Billy is gone, and Sue’s in the clink
My kids won’t see me, they don’t even blink
No car for a home, no pan for a sink
No coat for the wind, and the hookers won’t wink
oh yay. oh yay. yay us.

Made the dumpster my pal, shilled scams as a carny
Hard to take all the trash I find heaped all around me
Been begging for drugs, been down on my knees
Seen all kinds of things a man shouldn’t see
My face shows the sun but I’m out in the rain
The Earth in my clothes and I don’t feel the pain
oh yay. oh yay. yay us.
oh yay. oh yay. yay us.

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tilden said

The 'after' version is up at

Guest said

Minor correction--Got stuck in a queue should read "Got stuck in a Q", understandable gloss. Tilden's arrangement did a fantastic job of making my errors sound natural, better than if I had crafted them more. I am really impressed. My oldest has done album production and he really got a charge out of it. He's such a sound snob that it means Tilden did extremely well. Myron

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Colleen Dillon said

Great lyrics Tilden!!! It sounds great on this first recording.

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