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son rises every morning

tim mcfate

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the sun rises every morning
i hear those feet upon the floor
im pretty sure that you are beside me
everythings the same as it was before
our son jumps in bed and lys between us
holds us together as the light drifts in

you are the flower of my desire
your kisses are like a flood inside
your voice reminds me of no other
ive got nothing left to hide

sometimes it rains so hard between us
i cant see your eyes to tell if you are ok
winters storm it grew within us
spring flowers pushed hard to make there way
i guess ive learned to just admit it
everything changes come what may

so im writing my own story
as i wake each day with you
oh yea, i know im just beginning
to find my way to being true

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inge said

like this song, it's sweet. With a smile, Inge

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richardlaceves said

nice tune,, "sometimes it rains so hard between us" great use of analogy and picture building with your word

Guest said

Great song! I really dig the change up at about 1:11, very cool!

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