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I feel it in my hair as the winds blow around me
I fear for my brain as the thoughts flow inside me

Can i keep these things locked forever
will I have to let myself be thrown around

If only I could have spoken much sooner
But then again I wouldn’t be singing this round

There is a shame inside despite my silence
a facade i want to keep even though I’m crying

When will I believe myself brave again
When will I have learnt to be a mistake again

It happened days ago or years it all falls apart
Does it really matter when all I see are scars

Believe in yourself this will all come to pass
That’s what they told , and they were right, they have passed

So what of me? what do i be?
A mistake or prodigy?

Who says who am is supposed to be
Who decides what I will wear up my sleeve,
for today,
for other days,
for all time to come?

Am I even here, Or is this just a recording.

You tell me. What are we
You tell me. Be incomplete.
You tell me. Stop trying to perceive

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Very pleasing.

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