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Music stems from the pic of my little girl at Biltmore. Lyrics from an intoxicated evening w/ some imagination which were written in 2010-11 in Nashville, TN and Jacksonville, FL under the influence of V…the life force…

The Words:

On distant nights
I lie awake, alone
Staring and shadowed by
The cold pale gaze
Of the harsh moonlight

All at once with a flash
In the blink of an eye
She appears before me
Smiling and turning Away
I can’t find any words
to make her stay (it’s ok)

Chorus (soft)
Miss Hardly Aware, please look my way
Oh Miss Hardly Aware, will you look my way
Miss Hardly Aware, please come my way
Miss Hardly Aware, won’t you call my name

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Big sound. Very nice mix as well.

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SonicLuke said

Holly molly, this gave me chills. Could well be part of a movie soundtrack. Really well recorded and mixed. I am listening to it LOUD and it sounds great.

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