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recorded during a legendary Distructo session, features one half of PassKontrol (to be heard here on Alonetone).

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dave said


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glu said

right on. This track is great! I really want a squeeze box and some vibes. The lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation work great together. bravo!

Guest said

Jeez, this tune...keep posting your stuff on alonetone man, your music is so much fun to listen to!

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Benjamin Wuamett said

those winters make my teeth hurt.

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Benjamin Wuamett said

amazingly wonderful.

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Sudara said

Hey there! Best way to respond to a comment is to simply comment on the same track. It's on my todo list to make it a bit more friendly! Thanks!

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brando said

I just jammed out hard with this song. It's good fun.

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