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Natural Lovers

Trevor Lewis

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“Natural Lovers”

As the sun gradually warms
the cool morning air
crashing waves erode time
layer after layer
and bright bumble bees
multiply wild flowers
Oceans get deeper
hills become towers
I became your man.

Like the very first taste
of a fresh honeydew
I relished the sweetness
the day I met you
By all my adventures
my spirit’s refined
You entered my live
at the very best time
I’m proud to say that you are mine.

I didn’t always see
the paradise around me
from the touch of kitten’s paws
to wind rustling the trees
Nature has done it’s job
it has made me ready
to be in love with you
to bask in your beauty.
Thank-you for loving me.

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odh said

Good work, Trevor. More from the sensitive side

Guest said

Nice one!

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