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Uke An Change (Like I did)

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A very slight excursion (a song-ette) where I’m seeing if I can sing lower than the Uke I’ve borrowed (I can). I’m making up the words as I go along, but seem to be channelling rather depressing subject matter. With this recording, pace is everything - one mic - trying to capture things as fast as possible rather than craft and sweat.

Part of my ‘Ooohing and Uke’ series.

Written/recorded in a couple of hours spread over 8th/10th Oct 2013.

I’ve nothing to say
I haven’t already said
I’ve nothing to add

So I’ve nothing to say
But I’m here anyway
So I may as well tell you how it is

Mistakes on both sides
But neither denied
That things had gone wrong in the end
But this time
This time
It’s gonna be different

All things must change in the end
All things must change