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03 - Meteorites


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03 – Meteorites. Written 2nd/3rd Feb. Recorded 3rd Feb.

Inspired by the film ‘Stardust’ where our hero meets a (literal) fallen star. The painful low vocals were particularly fun, and their emotional cracking was acting rather than the fact I’d been singing for eight hours straight. Honest.

Info and lyrics at

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richardlaceves said

really a lovely piece,, i like it's understated approach, the playing and vocals are very fine,, well done all around!!

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thetworegs said


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monopoli said

This album is definitely one of the best things from RPM 2009 and, being a big High Llama's-fan, right up my alley. I also planned do try more multitracked vocals but ran out of time (starting with the vocals only the last three days) so it's quite amazing to me you got all of this done in one month.

Guest said

Nice track :)

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