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Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood street food
a long time ago I often collaborated with an immensely talented composer from France, Alister Flint - this is one of our collaborations. Been years since I've heard from him. He's been missed.
Desirea tells Reg the truth, love was just an illusion as she leaves him flat...
Mimlitsch, Kavin, Cadman
still however your feel, you feel.
unfortunately a faire was coughed up during the pre-master mix
For all those people who touch you in a way you can't forget even after many years.
Artist's description: This is a hybrid/overdub performance piece and one of the few I play drums on. Each track was performed live into a PortaStudio 1 (Vocal / bass / guitar / lead guitar) and bounced with stereo image mix down to digital cassette…read more
I mumble, drums are loud, guitar and bass are wonky. Its too normal. But then somewhere there is an appetite for cheese. Perhaps in the heart of Wisconsin, but, actually, does Wisconsin have a heart or is it just an imitation mitten? A sort of…read more
I'm not responsible for your reaction.
I butcher a Joni Mitchell song. Sorry.
why are sea slugs so colorful?
ambient music created with Synth One - a free iOS synth
17 and 12
because tardigrades are cool and look a lot friendlier than Guild navigators
Tettigoniidae in Overtones is scored for two Audio Damage Quanta synthesizer, tamtam, two triangles, glockenspiel, snare drum, bass drum, two tamborines, plucked psaltery and french horn all in harmonic series tuning. The synthesizers are purposely…
Stuff all thrown together.
On Growing Old by John Masefield - an excerpt read by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1940, the year of Scott's death. Be with me, Beauty, for the fire is dying; My dog and I are old…read more
Isolated track for Soundin.org
just a synth
A cover of Pink Floyd's Welcome to the Machine in 17 notes per octave tuning
This needs Phantasm777 drums or Norm's percussion, sadly neither are likely to happen.
sorry Sid
oh my God, its full of stars!
A beginning is a very delicate time
When you can't see the sun
on a cloudy solstice day
artificial lights must provide
Apologies to Graham Nash There I was at the immigration scene Shining and feeling clean Could it be a sin? I got stopped by the immigration man He says he doesn't know if he can. Let me in Let me in, immigration man, Can I cross…read more
music for when Antarctica is ice free
2 tracks of my Squier Bass VI
Recorded, spliced and diced, reassembled.
You Don’t Have to Say It is a 22 edo composition for rock band. Using my 22 edo electic guitar I used a Boss GP-10 to get the 12-string, a eletroharmonix pitch fork for the bass, and native instruments guitar rig for the lead guitar. The drums…read more
By using reverse engineering of the sound files fudgetusk uploaded I was able to render his synaptic pathways as he was creating said sound files into sound. So this is meta-fudgetusk.
ambient 6 string bass
It’s Hobbit tradition to give gifts to others on their birthdays. Here’s Tolkien on the subject: Receiving of gifts: this was an ancient…read more
A bit of anarchist blues
When buildings are no object
There can be no objections
Guitar and Bass
more guitars, less effects
two guitars with 3 effects shared between them
ambient guitar dedicated to fudgetusk, aural commentator extraordinaire.
ambient guitar
solo bouzouki in a pseudo raga format
Realized by guitar (finger picked and ebow) with pedal chain of ernie ball volume pedal to chase bliss warped vinyl ji fi to strymon el capistan to boss giga delay to boss space echo to tc electonic mimiq recorded in sonar.
This an ambient solo 19 note per octave guitar performance and video interpretation. The effects chain used was a Wampler Ego compressor, Ernie Ball volume pedal, Electro-Harmonix pitch fork polyphonic pitch shifter with expression pedal…read more
Prophet 12, SQ-1, Sonar, plugin effects and instruments.
ambient guitar
ambient guitar
a beautiful sunrise (see video) and piano. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9m8icbJpoY
ambient electric guitar
Octave Mandolin and vocal Song by Haas & Cottor
A remix of the Zeppelin cover with an ear to ambiance.
Sorry guys...
A cover of a Tull song from the album Benefit - vocal and octave mandolin
Octave Mandolin 1
Octave Mandolin 2
Stumble core all mandolin band mandolin octave mandolin mandocello
The gate of eternity
A layered audio cake in Carlos Alpha and 12 Equal and Heaven knows what else.
a piano improvisation
bass, guitar, vocals sorry Ian
Octave Mandolin and voice
I found a used octave mandolin for really nice price. Enjoying my new instrument.
A short improvisation using an Alesis Q88, Pianoteq 6 and Sonar
processed 19 edo guitar
Cover of B.S. Snowblind from Vol 4 w/o the pesky vocals in 19 edo.
A memory of 2017
an acoustic arrangement of Bill Newbold’s composition “mindless events beyond time” for piano, brass ensemble and percussion.
Sampled hurdy gurdy via soniccouture
processed guitar
samples of rubber soul abused.
China All the way to New York I can feel the distance getting close You're right next to me But I need an airplane I can feel the distance as you breathe Sometimes I think you want me to touch you But how can I when you build…read more
Every baryon tells a story
A rendering of Bill Newbold's midi performance As an example, imagine that Alice and Bob are aboard spaceships moving inertially with a relative speed of 0.8c. At some point they pass right next to each other, and Alice defines the position…read more
Freestyle solo 19 edo guitar through a tube amp in 70's-ish blues rock style
Sorry John....
Just short of 20 minutes ambient piece
Apologies to George
A short solo piece using a Q49 key keyboard which is fairly true to life for a real clavicord.
! plum.scl 686/675 comma pump scale in 46et 12 ! 130.43478 260.86957 391.30435 443.47826 521.73913 573.91304 704.34783 834.78261 965.21739 1069.56522 1095.65217 1200.00000
The Chamber of 32 Doors Genesis The back story At the top of the stairs he finds a chamber. It is almost a hemisphere with a great many doors all the way round its circumference. There is a large crowd, huddled in various groups. From the…read more
by turning pianoteq to about the mid point in the worn scale I found a new joy in playing - much like on a a real acoustic piano.
ambient guitar
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
Guitar and Effects
A short electronic piece
Guitar and anime vocal
piano - vocal
and a poor vocal - acoustic cover at that
One of my favorite songs from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - which I pretty much destroy 12 string guitar, 6 string bass, lead and backing vocals All the pumping's nearly over for my sweet heart. This is the one for me, Time to meet…read more
6 string bass, 12 string electric x2, mandolin, vocals
Bill Newbold plays my Korg MS2000 and Parva
Synthesizer Solo using a split keyboard.
Synthesizers played by Bill Newbold via remote midi
Ambient synthesis
as it says
not very good, sorry.
12 string guitar photo of Chicago's Lake Shore Drive
12 string guitar
Over a month of hourly time lapse (night edited out) with 17 note per octave ambient guitar accompaniment. This is probably the longest project I’ve set out to do. I left my time lapse camera in the kitchen window filming the tree in my backyard…read more
guitar duet
Piano Effects
Sound provided by 17 equal guitar using Moog MF ring, Boss DA-2 adaptive distortion, Boss MO-2 Adaptive Overtone pedals and software effects.
Ambient guitar
My 6 string bass
My 6 string bass
electric piano
Some unrealistic music
Vocal harmony
Ambient acoustic guitar using guitar rig 5 and the hammer jammer
as stated
I found a new 8 string Dean electric guitar for less than half price at the salvation army store... how could I walk away?
electric guitar with buzzing bridge ambientish
a short piece
solo finger picked electric guitar with effect.
I'm sorry Elvis
indeed it is far
Roli rise 49 performance
6 string bass solo
The gear
Bill plays my Futuresonus Parva long distance by the magic of midi.
a 4 part non-strict fugue for woodwinds
The heart of the matter
For Jacob - because
Ben Smith (piano), Paul Mimlitsch (processed bass clarinet), Paul Muller (strings…
all tracks but for drums are made with the Moog Model 15 iPad app read more
a manipulated performance by Paul Mimlitsch
electronic or something like it