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Time Has


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I am uploading this for a friend.

Year: 1985

Two Old Friends (Track #17)

Artist’s description:
A little song about how things change…. composed on classical guitar, performed on electric guitar and synthesizer. Realized by bouncing between two casette decks to double track/layer the parts.

Yamaha - for making a nice little analog synth. And PAIA electronics for the extra voices to go with that synth.

feeling lost in life

Time Has

Time has brought me here
to say the words that I say
more than ever I have to say what I feel

On the dusty road
the grand parade moves on
morning’s light has yet its place to be found

And at night the stars burn a hole in my mind
realizing I have not the time
to feel
what I feel

On waking my thoughts have changed
so strange I feel the change
keeping perspective in life is sometimes hard to do

Listening to people who say
that they are ones who are real
sometimes I feel I have not a will of my own

And at night the thoughts burn a hole in my mind
realizing I have not the mind
to feel
how I feel

What can I say that is real
what can I claim as me
when all my thoughts are distorted by those that I hear

My feelings are lost in a maze
in conflicts in differing ways
all of my feelings are torn up and destroyed inside

At night I kneel and pour out my mind
realizing that all of the time
I know
what is real

Newbold's avatar
Newbold said

ahhhh It is the illusion of memory that makes is so real.

Guest said

I must say I am impressed and I get it, I really do get it, you are not alone.

Guest said

3 notes on the deck. like this one.

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Johnny Stone said

Very cool mix mate nice one

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