10 tracks by visiblemember

Timo original -Guitar Thom Springer-Mando DEMO- Practice
This was another set of track done on the Boss Micro BR. A demo of sorts.
I really just wanted to knock something fast out with the mando and two guitars.
Some kids at my school wanted a song for their teacher. The lyrics are from the kids. They will sing it at end of year.
This song is for my work as an English teacher. I train up primary school children and then record them singing it. if all goes well, I give them an mp3 with their vocals in it and cut mine out. Thom
Another DEMO that could be stretched into some heavier guitar work and drums.
I wrote this song for a middle school English program here in Vienna. It speaks for itself. It was handed out to about 12 teachers to include in their lessons. I don't know any of them and after a year of play, if any of them still do, I hope…read more
This is just in it's DEMO stage if you don't mind rough. The lyrics just keep changing so often I don't know if this song will end up complete.
This is part of a trilogy. the main goal was accomplished and two other songs came out as a bonus!
This song started in the cellar as a bass line. I was able to produce it with the support and wisdom of all the folks at Songcrafters.org