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Feed the machine


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Don’t you forget to
feed the machine
It’s why you’re here
You’re here to serve
not to be seen

You are replaceable
You won’t be missed
Some day it will be as if you
Never did exist

You’re here to feel
A little joy
You’re here to feel
A little pain
You think it matters
What happens in
Your tiny little brain

After you’re gone there
will still be the machine.
Someone else will feed it
And I’ll have to explain
To them the way
I’m explaining to you
That you don’t matter
And that there is no you.

Nothing happens
For a reason
You are expendable
Life is decay
You will always be truly alone


Humans are Suckers.
Just give them shiny things.
Feed their bellies.
It’s about all they expect from life.
Pathetic creature.

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winstonbmusic said

the machine is pleased with that soundfood

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