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(A song from a parent to a child)

You get yourself a brand new lifetime
I tried to give you a compass and a map
Nothing in life feels so good as your learner’s permit
Something that makes you so happy
Maybe it shouldn’t be allowed
You’re wearing those Tom Cruise shades
And you’re Learning how to Fly
You’re Learning how to fly

First you crawl and then you walk
Then you’re ready to blast off.
Soon you’ll be walking on the moon
Darling you’ll go far, maybe even to the stars,
Did you learn anything from all the things I said?
Feel like It’s a miracle that life exists
A tragedy when it’s gone too soon…

What if Kindness is all we have left?
What if Mercy is our only treasure?
To be held in the heart of a friend is worth more than you can measure.

You’re the only obstacle.
So get out of your own way.
If you’re gonna grow up a little bit –
Then it Might as well be today.

In between the known and the unknown
In between the living and the and the dead
If you look long enough into the darkness
You might see a tiny golden thread,
Love is not just an idea.
You can’t just live inside your head.
Today you’re alive,
but some day you’ll be dead.

Darling, please don’t this life for granted.
Don’t forget to give it away.
It’s only what we give that matters
All the gold on the earth will some day turn to lead.
Every golden thing will someday turn to lead.

Give me a well lived lifetime
Give me the oldest best friends
Give me Joy to balance misfortunes
Give me love that never ends
I’m wearing my tom Cruise shades
As I’m learning how to live.
Someday that means
learning how to die.

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