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Dr. Ben Carson's Immigrant Ship

Robert Palomo

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It has long been the role of the troubadour to challenge and lampoon Authority through music. This is one such piece, written following a speech by the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in which he spoke of African slaves as “immigrants” who came to a “land of dreams and opportunity” in the bottom of slave ships seeking “prosperity and happiness” for their descendants.

The melody is a classic 19th century sea song “10,000 Miles Away”. The new sarcastic lyrics are mine.

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vaisvil said

Someone needs to take the Dr's prescription pad from him. I think Gobbels would appreciate this bold rewriting of history. Its sweep is asphyxiating

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Greg Connor said

I love it! Let's keep them all honest. We have a few "TALL TALE TELLERS" in our midst right now.

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