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But then sometimes in the colorless light of a hazy windy moonlit night, the feeling haunts you like you’ve known that you would always be alone.

But then sometimes in the sparkling sun, you think of things you should have done while loneliness chills you to the bone. Sometimes it feels like you’re made of stone.

And your spirit fades as the silence squalls and swirls inside your secret walls. As you hide from your heart the your fluttering emotions of your seceret affections and unspoken devotions.

And the pain spins alive while you silently stare into the solitude you craved, a pain too potent to bear. While you scream and you cry without shedding a tear. While I helpessly love you, helplessly wait here.

But then sometimes in the heart of a storm, in the shape of a mask you have awlays worn, you peek past the lies that you hopelessly cling to and dream that these eyes would hold and protect you.

But then sometimes I hopelessly wonder if you’ll ever let me back into the cloak you live under. Free your guilt, smile and feel that these eyes would love you and always will.

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TheRoyalrey said

This is so perfect. I admire your way of expression.

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Doc said

Good song with strong and honest feeling and interpretation.

Guest said

Slipped past me somehow. Great tune.

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mmi said

Special stuff man.

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Cave Street said

Nice dynamics and *epic* lyric, man!