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Lanterns in Beijing1


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Lanterns in Beijing

Wish that i could tell you something
Dictated by someone who knows
Like lanterns hanging in Beijing
Finding things for you to cling
Words just for you to sing
Scattered pieces of hidden sense
Watching what you do with them
Nothing real all just pretence

Searching up high and down low
For i don’t know what
Maybe its the missing link
Or the plug that saves the sink
Something else i think
Hidden in the maze of time
What we really need
That mysterious exact rhyme

Climbing up the unending rope
To near nowhere town on sea
Like scooters in Hanoi
Or that strange long lost boy
With just a wooden stick for a toy
With nothing to save him
Or give him back redemption
As the ball bounces off the rim

Too much left to understand
Above the earth and heavens
Searching for what seems forever
Doesn’t seem real clever
Without all my endeavour
Nothing but an empty well
Deeper than hell itself
And Just another worthless self

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