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Spirit of the Sea

Day 13

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Begin to see me, worthy Sailor, navigator
Living on the ocean for days
The spirit of the sea lies below us
Above us, dark skies of gray

I just can’t let it go
The search for the grail has gone cold
But a wreck of a ship lies below us
A legend of gold in its hull

Hear the howling winds at night
And the sweet Sirens cry

Sent out, as you see, a Yeoman,
My task is to chart these deep seas
Map every corner of this ocean
And hunt for the treasures beneath

When I wake up in the night
The stars my only light
It’s Malaise surrounding me
The spirit of the sea

Send me on uncharted waters
And the moon will be my guide
Carry me far from the safety of shore
Place my trust in the restless tides

Spent my life as an explorer
Chasing dreams of the soul
In the end you will discover
Secrets of the sea remain untold

Now you see me, as a Captain,
On open waters
Being thrown about by the waves
Looking for what life can be saved
Looking past my watery grave

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avantyarde said

This is great!

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Ricia Rae said

Cool rock tune! Awesome guitar work and all the changes are amazing. I hope you guys are doing RPM 2022 too :)

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

WoW! Great drone. Love the dissonance.

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A Beautiful Scene said

Some interesting changes from songs 4 to get to this point, and even more interesting changes in this song. Feels like a good tune to sum up the album with. Well done on you 2021 RPM!

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