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02 So Here we are

Lane Sullivan

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Waldo learns about Carmen’s travels and all the places she has been. He is envious of her stories.

I didn’t think about the world
As something to explore like you have
I know I’ve wasted time
Catching up on something so vast
Will be hard, but I want to believe
If it makes you happy, I want to follow

But you, are content in this small town, for now
And I wish I could have seen, it all through your eyes

you tell me it’s nothing
To have never seen the that things that you’ve seen
And I have a hard time
Feeling that your okay with me here
Always, and I want to believe
That you don’t care

I know I can see
The disappointment in your eyes
I know you hide it well
Where do you stand Carmen

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wilsun said

There's something so melancholy yet outward looking about this song. Main and bg vox are great (love the falsetto sections), catchy horn sections.

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