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03 so I'll try to Do it all my own

Lane Sullivan

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While Carmen is supposed to be away for a couple month, Waldo decides he is going to try to gain some travel experience. He feels inadequate and like Carmen thinks less of him for it.

I can’t seem to figure out,
why I can’t measure up
you seem so distance lately,
I think I know what it means

I know your just fine
But I think about it all the time
I gonna make you proud of me
I’m gonna see the world you see

Can’t hardly wait for
I know its on your mind
When we leave everything
You hate about me behind
There’s no way on earth you will
Not be proud of me when I can match the stories you tell

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will of the sun said

Oh gosh, lovely middle eight! Totally relatable and humanistic song as well, exploring feelings of doubt and inadequacies in a relationship.

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