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Still Waiting Tables


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Still Waiting Tables / Colleen Dillon

MN Homebrew Radio show has a monthly writing contest. This month it was to use the word “wait” or “waiting” in your song. So the hook line of the chorus popped into my head at 5:30 in the morning and the rest of the song came pretty quickly.

I had the help of Greg Connor (harmonica), Mark Lofgren (guitar), and Susan Gecas (guitar) around our MN Coffee Table, and everyone sang along as well.
Hope you like it!!!

Still Waiting Tables

Still waiting tables at this 3-2 bar
Had big dreams
But they didn’t get far
Tried to be special
But for the course it’s par
Still waiting tables at this 3-2 bar

Verse One
It’s a day
That starts like any other
A cup of coffee
And a bitter smoke
The mirror confirms
You’re not getting any younger
Tell yourself again
Your life is not a joke

Verse Two
You can smell the rain
In the distant horizon
The news on TV
Is more of the same
The road from town
Is all but forgotten
It’s now or never
Bust out of this shame

© 2019 Colleen Dillon All Rights Reserved

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