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Sweet Memories On A Shoestring


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Here’s an oldie - circa 2014 - but a goodie, from the MN Coffee Table archives featuring the writing and performing talents of Greg Connor, Colleen Dillon, Melissa Moser and Colin Walterson

Sweet Memories On A Shoestring

Verse 1: (Ladies sing)

I’ve been waiting such a long time
I seen you standing there
You with your balding head
And I’ve got plenty of hair

I see you looking back at me
I think a time or two
So honey come on over here
I’ve been waiting for you

Verse 2 (Gents sing)

Hey there darling, here’s a piece of gum
If you would like a chew
I found it around the corner
On the bottom of my shoe

I’ve only had it for a half an hour
And there’s still flavor too
So honey kiss me on the lips
And I’ll pass it to you

(“she’s mine”, “I saw her first”)

Chorus ( all sing)

Honey, you can sing a song
And I’ll play air guitar
Sweet memories on a shoestring
Will take us pretty far

I’ve got a dollar in my pocket
What a lucky guy you are
Sweet memories on a shoestring
Will take us pretty far

Verse 3 (Ladies sing)

Honey I’m a frugal gal
I see that you are too
I’ve got some coupons in my pocket
I could spend all night with you

It’s two for one at Shady’s Bar
How ‘bout you buy me a brew
Honey I’m mighty thirsty
And I’m willing to share with you

Repeat Chorus

© 2014 Greg Conner, Colleen Dillon, Melissa Moser, Colin Walterson All Rights Reserved

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Colleen Dillon said

This was such a riot! I still remember laughing all night long writing and recording this one.

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