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The Unlikely Pair


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God only know what Greg and Colleen were thinking when they wrote this one…… Sometimes the Coffee Table produces some strange lyrics!!!!

The Unlikely Pair

The tragic report on
Last evening’s news
They said it all happened
While taking a snooze
The fat one woke up,
Then looked all around
When he(she) rolled to his side,
The skinny was found

When fatty woke up
A strange smell he did find
Was skinny’s last breath
In the air, so unkind
He’ll be now a ghost
Haunting fatty ‘til his end
The skinny one gets
The dead man’s revenge!

It was time for some sleep
Get some rest in the bed
The fat one rolled over
And the skinny one dead
The screams they were muffled
Just sleep in the air
The friendship was over
For the unlikely pair

If there’s a sweet moral
To the story I tell
It’s pick your bed fellows
Ever so well
If they’re fat and they roll,
It won’t be too long
You will be singing
This sad country song

© 2016 Greg Conner and Colleen Dillon All Rights Reserved

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