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Tubed (RPM Challenge 2021 single)

by Project X

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RPM Challenge 2021 Category: Single Genre: Surf

Written, recorded, and produced by Project X.

©2021 Summumai Music. All rights reserved.

Project X – Guitars, bass, percussion programming, organ, effects

My appreciation to the musicians that contributed to this project: Emily Gould – drums (engineered and recorded by Emily) Matt Hayes – lead guitar (engineered and recorded by Matt) Lindsay Feuling – finger cymbals (engineered and recorded by Cyclops Cow)

Thank you and all my love to Memaize, the love of my life. ❤️

Ultra huge props to my Creator who gives me life and gives us the ocean deep that displays the wonder of who He is. 🌊

Hang loose. 🤙🏼