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A new twist on an old favorite (or two!).

During Wisconsin’s shut down orders, I have been involved with a Facebook group called Jump Around Wisconsin. For those who don’t know, between the third and fourth quarters at Wisconsin Badgers football games they play House of Pain’s “Jump Around” and literally shake Camp Randall Stadium. Seismographs have picked up the vibrations up to two miles away from the stadium on game days!

Back in late March, two guys in Sun Prairie, WI (just outside Madison), Greg and Joe, had some beers and those beers led to an idea: Italians sang from their balconies to keep their spirits up, so we should put a Wisconsin spin on it and jump around. The first jump happened with a boom box and some neighbors joining in. Then PBS Wisconsin did a little piece on it. Less than two weeks later, it became a worldwide movement of people not only jumping around, but celebrating Wisconsin culture together! The Facebook group alone grew to around 120,000 members within a month!

Each Saturday at 3:00 PM CDT during Wisconsin’s lock down, “Jump Around” was played not only on Jump Around Wisconsin’s live stream (along with University of Wisconsin Marching Band favorites and other popular songs played at Camp Randall), but on 110 radio stations across Wisconsin including some in Duluth, MN and Debuque, IA. Wisconsinites, Badger alumni, and anyone else that wanted to join in jumped around together for 3:34 while maintaining social distancing protocols. It literally became the world’s largest tailgate party. Not only did people across the Badger state jump, but people all over the country and in places like Moscow, the Netherlands, UK, Hawaii, Alaska, etc.

Since Wisconsin is now open, we are jumping around one more time this Saturday (May 23) to celebrate getting through the past couple months. The theme for this final jump is “On, Wisconsin!” and being a UW alum, I decided to complete a recording of “On, Wisconsin!” I started in April just for this occasion. I sprinkled and seasoned it with a bit of “Varsity” and surfy goodness to come up with this arrangement.

This is dedicated to my Jump Around Wisconsin compatriots Greg, Joe, and Dan along with everyone who joined and jumped around with us along the way. ❤️

Keep jumping and ON, WISCONSIN!! 🦡

Wanna Jump Around with us on Saturday, May 23?
Live stream at
Fire up music begins at 2:30 PM CDT with “Jump Around” at 3:00 PM CDT.


Public domain. Arrangement by Project X.
This arrangement copyright ©2020 Summumai Music. All rights reserved.

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