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"Europa" Cover

A Beautiful Scene

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My cover of Sister Savage’s Europa. I lovely little song about one of Jupiter’s moons. I really enjoyed working with this.

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stoman said

Nice 80s sound. Brings back memories. :) Regards, Steffen

Guest said

well done and played.

Guest said

I completely prefer this to my version - you've captured the feeling I failed to express. Wonderful!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate great cover. Top Job.

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drakonis said

Wow, what a surprise and honor! Probably would have been a lot easier if I'd shipped you the chords/tabs/sheet music :-) This is really an impressive bit of work, reconstructing a song, with a very different feel, and have that new piece stand so nicely on its own. Well played and sung! ttfn, Drakonis

Guest said

I especially love the "He used to be a giant to me" part - love the sudden change in tone! Very cool.

Guest said

*swoon* Ah, what an honour! I adore this arrangement!!!! :-) Wonderfully heart-tugging! Thank you so much.

Guest said

Great cover, very nice indeed.

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