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Obey - (Matt Ferrara Cover)

A Beautiful Scene

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Here is a cover of Matt Ferrara’s song “Obey” - Had this song stuck in my head for a good chunk of February, so I figured I would put it to tape. A little slower than the original with a similar feel.

I really wanted to see if I could record a song without touching my guitar.
All live instruments (that’s why they sound kind of bad!)
So after getting drums piano and bass recorded, I went for the violin. I could only scrap together a couple of decent notes so next was a uke. So… my first uke solo.

Hope at least Matt likes it… I hope you like it too!

Jon Solo's avatar
Jon Solo said

Sounds great! Love this song.

Guest said

Awesome job, the piano sounds like it's in a saloon from 1875, very haunting. Dig the violin and general feel too. -Dave Hanlon

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Matt Ferrara said

Damn straight I like it! This is amazing! I love the feel of it slower and the piano is stunning.

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