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Become the Ghost

The Last Star of Amastris

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Track 1 of 4, from Uncle Woe’s sophomore LP, Phantomescence
Released 23/10/2020
© 2020 Packard Black Productions
All Rights Reserved

Written by Rain Fice & Nicholas Wowk
Performed and recorded by Rain Fice and Nicholas Wowk, April to July, 2020.
Artwork by Rain Fice

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Fringe benefits,
a wealth of dilation, possessed and wrought.
Embracing as enemies, here witnessed
by the sorrowed and the whimsical,
by the trickle and the flood,
pining and a lackadaisical
manoeuvre merge and unfold.

The entrance to everything is dim-lit and haunted.
Falling ever upward through this empire of casualties,
now and often dropped swiftly into phantomescence
pining and a lackadaisical manoeuvre merge and unfold.

Picking at pieces of numb-cut razor tongue debris,
I begin to wash the winter off my skin.
“Aloft,” we cried and rose into the sun.
Given already to fits of sedated shadow,
when you die I will become the ghost.

Curses! Foiled again!
A potful of ashes held high in our fruitless hands.
The myriad absent will ring out and fade.
You’re gone and I am the ghost.
We’ll do what we can.

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Andrew Russe said

Nice one. Cool solo.

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