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well its nearly there. I like to put stuff that I am working on up so that I can listen to it in passing for a day or so, it gives me the chance to hear it with new ears. And maybe get a little feedback/ suggestions. I need to finish the vocal and do a final mix down. constructive crit welcome. Its the only way we get better.

Guest said

did I comment on this yet..I gotta say it's brilliant. the transitions are great. From a cool groove to something totally different..and yet it works. cool how that goes...The bridge after frikkin awesome.

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ShamPain said

very rough sketch several more verses yet, each more depressing than the last. comments and ideas please

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Erik Spangler said

Great reverb on those vocals- takes me back to my discovery of my parents' "Surrealistic Pillow" LP at age 7 or so. Love the switch up after the first minute, especially the high theremin-like synth line. 2:45 very nice too.

Guest said

RE..its sad aint it,, sitting here listning to my own songs naa..we all do it.

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Johnny Stone said

Yeah nice mate

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ShamPain said

its sad aint it,, sitting here listning to my own songs

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kirklynch said

Very Cool track man!Love the way it kinda takes off at about 2:45

Guest said

my dog started barking when she heard the dogs on this Still is barking...This is a tight song so far. Sounding good. Sounds like you were inspired. Good changes. Like the title too. What is it about?

Guest said

Woah, ENERGY! Love that dreamy vox against the up tempo beats! Very cool!

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ShamPain said

In this sketch on of the vocal parts seems to be in the wrong place. hey such is life

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