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Call Me Crazy


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I wrote and recorded this song about five years ago. All vocals are mine. I would like to redo this song and change a few of the lyrics…but here it is in its current incarnation.

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crackitopen said

what a voice! Excellent!

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richardlaceves said

very nice indeed.. you got some of that good ol texas twang goin (used to live in Del Rio myself, as i think i mentioned before) the musical accompaniment is stellar!! listening to your music reminds me just how encompassing the magic of music is,, our styles while very different on the surface have the magic of making the heart feel good (at least yours does, i hope mine does too) weither from the dusty deserts of a west Texas dance hall or the open green fields along the California coast,, we are all brother and sister musicians with a lot in common... guess im feeling a bit maudlin,, but after 5 listens to this that how i feel,, take care richard

Guest said

thanks for all your kind words. this is proper country. nice.

Guest said

Love this one!

Guest said

Love your voice. It's just gorgeous.

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Wildgeas Music said

line dance friendly. cool. another fav.

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listener said

Hey, honey, keep this one around!

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