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My Girl Song

Alex The Emcee

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No, no, I can’t believe it, no
No, no… no…

[Verse 1]
Finding a girl, it’s not a level playing field
I never got ‘em, how would that make you feel?
My chance came at the worst time
When I’m busiest, that’s when you come around?
Why in the world should I say yes?
I’m stressed, I got lots of work to finish
I don’t get ‘em, I’m alone
Why? I don’t get it, I don’t know
Don’t get me started
Girls I came to changed to dearly departed
Ninety-nine percent of girls are not for me
One percent I want to see on my odyssey
I could probably cure cancer faster than getting a date with a dancer
Your antithesis I know it well
Your argument is I should talk to more of them

No, no, I can’t believe it, no…

[Verse 2]
Nobody is perfected, I said it
Forget you if you get it but didn’t pay the price
With years of struggle and working nights
If you didn’t serve the time
You do not deserve a slice
This pie requires sacrifice
If you don’t earn it you weren’t challenged right
My talents are sky high, you say bye-bye
My skills–the tallest hill in eye sight
In hindsight I grind, but she’s walking
That’s the closest I’ve been
She’ll close the coffin
With that butt she talks, she knows I want it
But she won’t talk, she will be coughing
Where’s the problem? My side or her side?
Let’s say both sides and call it a night

No, no, I can’t believe it, no…

[Verse 3]
Men know the flaws in women
Women don’t admit ‘em, they cold commit ‘em
Who throws a tantrum? Goes on rambling?
It’s not a man, it’s only women
Get a job and cash, wait ’til you’re 30
Like only money will make me worthy
Behold the most merciless, remorseless
Need I speak more or less?
About women I exhaust myself
Girl, take a good look at yourself
That man is much more than worthless
Like you need to be bought like a purchase
It’s on me to find a girl good-looking to me
They’re looking at me, they’re not talking
I guess they won’t ever change
So I’ll be better and the better man

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