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Like closing music for short credits.
For when paranoia is THE excuse to never venture outside.
I don't worship the ocean but I get why people DO that.
Trying to make a standard comforting guitar thing fit the project by doing a drum track was a thing I tried. Sometimes "syncopation" deserves no sympathy.
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From my album Aurora (created with my friend, stunning musician Geoffrey Armes). Because I think everyone has at least *one* album in them.
China All the way to New York I can feel the distance getting close You're right next to me But I need an airplane I can feel the distance as you breathe Sometimes I think you want me to touch you But how can I when you build…read more
samples of rubber soul abused.
I have officially stopped with CD 's and now have decided to mail zip drives. I tried mailing these in a regular envelope. (FAIL lol) One guy got postage due of $2.51 and the other, the envelope was destroyed with no zip at all. For my brother…read more

Amateur musician and entry-level recording engineer - but that’s not what this alonetone is about. This is about learning to make noise with the computer. Slowly.

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