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They remain words and..

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.. only words will remain when the $h!t hits the fan.

It was a quote from an older song I wrote [Terrestrial Epitaph In Shortwave], and I felt the need to develop it further here.

It amazes me how much free advice there is out there etched in stone, in places people generally don’t bother looking.

(Insert “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” comment here.)

One Freesound sample used:


[I fine-tuned it a bit on 12/7/10.. Still not totally happy with it, but I’ll probably never be.]

Guest said

I really like this, so decompose and minimalistic...blended seamlessly.

Guest said

Great textures - love your enigmatic sound!

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AMUC said

Thanks for the feedback on this one - I'm rewriting it, though. I thought it came out sort of rough around the edges.

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Johnny Stone said

This reminds me of Hawkwind in places dig it very cool.