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We're Done (Acoustic Demo)

Andrew Russe

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Song-writing Demo for FAWM 2022
Song number 13
Written Saturday 19th February 2022

UPDATE: 8 Hours after posting I just spotted that I listened to and favourited a song called… um… “We’re Done” by oldfolks2 - check it out, I rather like it.

Many apologies Roger, I’m in such an exhausted daze, I had no idea I’d ended up with the same title as yours. I’ve actually been more worried I might write the same song twice!!

This one started as “‘I’m Done”, inspired by something someone said on the winter olympics coverage, possibly the men’s curling final, and the fact that I felt “done” in respect of FAWM, no more songs left at that moment… When I heard the phrase, I thought “yes, song-title!”.

As the song progressed, it had to be We’re Done in an inclusive way, otherwise it felt too selfish and self-centred to me.

If I’d remembered you’d just posted one with the same title - it would have stopped me early on in the exercise.

I know titles are regarded as fair game in the world of copyright etc… But I’ll make sure you get mentioned in the interviews when this makes me my first million! LOL…

I had a lot of trouble with this yesterday.
I actually binned it.
I never wanted to see it, sing it, or hear it ever again.

But I need the songs… I wanna be finished!
So this morning, I took the only complete take I had from yesterday, did some trickery on it and here’s the demo.
The mic placement wasn’t quite right, so vocal/guitar balance isn’t what I’d want.

If it wasn’t FAWM, I’d sit on this one, it could improve with a band arrangement - where it would work so much better - but I’m not sure I actually like the song itself.
(I know others do - Mrs R does - but I don’t)

We’re Done - A A J Russe

You still look so fine
Like you did
When you said you’d be mine
We were only kids
Soon we’ll hear others say
But you guys were the dream
It always seemed
That you guys were a team

But we’re done
So done
And we won’t feel ashamed
We got out
Just in time
And nobody got maimed
We’re done

You know I love you still
Always will
I know you feel the same
We tried patch it up
And soldier on
We played reignite the flame
Soon we’ll hear the whispers
How selfish those two are
How did they get away
With so few scars

And we’re done
So done
We don’t feel ashamed
Yeah we got out
Heads held high
Noone else to blame

If we tried like others seem
To want us to behave
To hang on to
Some thing we cannot save

No we are done
So done
Let’s not be ashamed
Let’s celebrate
What we had
Forget the pain

We are done
So done
Never feel ashamed
That we got out
Just in time
And nobody got maimed
We’re done

Copyright (C) 2022 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved.

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Ricia Rae said

This is another great one!!! and catchy too. I also loved hearing your description of how this came about - I totally relate!!! I actually don't like most of my own songs. This song captures the spirit of these challenges :)

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Spazsquatch said

I had your FAWM playlist going and sort of forgot I was supposed to be active listening, but this one pulled me right back into it... then I saw your liner notes. I know the feeling of not being happy with something but needing to get it out, but this is great. I'm curious to see what you do with it, because I think it works far better than you it seems. You better close the stadium with this one, because all those lighters and voices in unison are going to violate some sort of by-law.

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Sister Savage said

Glad you didn't bin it! Liking the driving feel - immediately hooky also.

EstudioChispa's avatar
EstudioChispa said

That's a good song. I like the "acoustic demo," but do you also envision this as a rocker (2 guitars, bass, and drums)? I think it'd kill.

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oldfolks2 said

P.S. After talking to my lawyer, he just sighed and muttered he might get his pal, Dexter Morgan to pop round for a little chat ........ Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ....

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

That's ok ........ good title ......

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