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so pleased to meet me now please, just go away
no introductions needed, i’ve got nothing left to say
so many stories that i really don’t need to know
this conversation’s over, and i really wish you’d go
oh please, go away, save yourself
i’m not uncaring, i just have no great desire
to integrate into a world so full of cheats & liars
maybe if i could care, i’d fix this living hell
but i don’t, maybe it’s just as well
oh please, go away, save yourself
and if you see my soul, it’s as black as coal
it’s so hard to believe, in anything
i let my feeling shine, and that’s my alibi
indifferent, to everything
i’m not a preacher i can’t save you from your sins
all fights are pointless can’t you see you’ll never win
two words repeating are the only words i’ll say
so for the last time….
oh please, go away, save yourself

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another cultural landslide said

mmm, mmm - this rocks! EXCELLENT!

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Jay Durfey said

Powerful and hook laden track, great opener!!

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