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05 The Same

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from the album “Flooded” featuring Ash Reynolds on vocals

Hope you find the way to feel like
Someone’s waiting there for you
Cause I know you’ll feel much better
When you figure out the truth
It’s the same, no matter what you do
Be who you are
Live every day
Take on the world
Because there’s nothing stopping you
After you finally reach that moment
No ones waiting there for you
You can hide your tears with laughter
But you can’t hide the truth
It’s the same no matter what you do
Follow your heart
Reach out for hope
Be who you are
Because there’s nothing, stopping you
Can’t you feel it
Building up inside you
It could guide you
If you open up your heart
And follow your dreams

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A Bit More Better Productions said

Something manic Street preachers about this one. In no way a bad thing. Great vocals.

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