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when the sun finally sets

another cultural landslide

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A simple piano piece we were finally able to record exactly the way we wanted it to sound. (This is one of our personal favorites.)

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Man, drawn in as soon as the first notes appear. These are very nice pieces you have created. :)

Guest said

It's close to melancholy. Pretty.

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dougsparling said


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ghostly said

This is a hauntingly lovely song.

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kirklynch said

Beautiful melody- I can see why it's one of your favorites

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Norman Goodman said

Beautiful piece....great playing, reamrkable phrasing & very sophisticated use of space . Glad I have the opportunity to appreciate your talent.

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Jeff Archer said

Gorgeous! I wish I could play like this.

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eshar said

Thank you for the positive feedback that you've given my tracks. I absolutely adore the piano and I understand why this is a favourite of yours...a beautiful and timeless piece.

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drakonis said

Very pretty lyrical piece... there was a teeny too much reverb on this recording for my taste, but the music and playing were a delight.

Guest said

really lovely. beautifully evocative. blind boris

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Richard Hardrick said

I love it... can't stop to hear it

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J dY Stamp said

I love this piece!

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J dY Stamp said


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