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Intertwining Locks

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turning point #1

It was spring time, or their time depending on which one you asked
how much it mattered to two birds flying away from the cold.
She sang and he’d swing, together a flight all their own on wings she swore were made bigger as they had flown to make a home

Summer soon came a nest they had built of amber and green folded in between crooked bone from all the weight
And she bore a presence full and fulfilling an action made by two straws bending an intertwining lock for an instant

Fall came and they wondered what they had done wrong on feathers flown fast and built up so thick and so strong and so hard
and he said that he’d fly back in the winter or when his favorite western chic would return to his warm dove

and snow came and all alone she would swear upon her babe that she’d find her own way through this southern storm and she sang la-ti-da…

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Black Pepper Sea said

This is something Conor Oberst wishes he wrote.

Guest said

this song is beautiful.