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I am really exited about the potential of the digital revolution in audio. I have been at it for about a year and a half. I own Logic, Live8 and use Elysium and gleetchlab3. I am also a bluegrass banjo player, former opera singer and guitar player and am venturing into audio book production. This is my first upload; I know its a bit longwinded. I intend to edit the piece down a bit. Maybe refine it some. But I actually like first efforts, warts and all. Hope that you do. Thanks, Brad

Guest said

Great drum n snare to start with cool sound effects to go along at start, then the creepy show starts at 2:05...Just a mind blowing crazy,frenzy power madhouse track...What a trip!

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bigguitarbrad said

I'm starting to feel some confidence using Elysium (thanks Sandbags)...Nord Stage EX... all MIDI through Live8, then dragged/(drug?) to logic for MP3 conversion. I'm flattered that any one would listen. Thanks, Brad PS What is an M? :)

Guest said

Am on 1.12 and am already entranced! This is like space traffic! So fine!

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kirklynch said

This is some crazy stuff!Very creative. Welcome to the site!

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Brian Bazeley said

Is there an M?

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Mr Sandbags said

This piece has a wonderful otherworldliness to it. The beat anchors it to our time & place but it's easy to imagine it being enjoyed by alien ears. Kudos.

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