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Im Not Sleeping


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I’m not sleeping

I’m staring at the ceiling

My mind’s a thousand miles away
I’m finding faces in the shapes
of plaster that was scraped on the ceiling

Killing time is not so bad
but when you’re trapped inside your head
you’re left to just stare at the ceiling

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

This is beautiful! I see those faces all the time.

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lam said

Nice peace, it makes me think of all of Us, here an now..

Guest said

BRILLIANT! This is beautiful man!

Guest said

Easy Listening nice.

misfit wine's avatar
misfit wine said

beauty! what do you mean "live play experimentation"?

+++'s avatar
+++ said

great song

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rewind said

Deep. I like it a lot.

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tim mcfate said

i like the piano melody. the weaving and the desending happy feel that rolls into the electro beat. i enjoy doing that myself. nice job all the way around tim

tim mcfate's avatar
tim mcfate said

i always like the acoustic mixed with fat electronic rhythms.

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glu said

Love this track from start to end. I really like the drums/ambient sounds/bass/ at around 3:50. A very nice 'series of demos;' I look forward to hearing more.

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