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Warning: Crude (by today’s standards) Synthesizer

(Amiga MED module, ca 1992) Science fiction. It’s a genre, isn’t it? Yes, but for writing, not music, muttonhead! So say the squares. To which I say: bah!

The title is either a typo for or a misspelling of Anagnorisis – the moment of some profound epiphany. There is no particular point in the piece that attempts to realize this idea. But the delayed second snare (on the and of four) in each measure was kind of… to make your ear wait for it and have you go, “oh, there it is”.

Due to the technical limitations of Amiga audio (stereo with only 2 voices per channel), MED modules tend to sound a bit awkward with headphones. Speakers are better.

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Groove Penguin said

Very cool. Love the arpeggios

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