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Pictures in a Magazine

Cave Street

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pictures in a magazine

pictures from a magazine (floating)
more questions than answers (posing)
a whole lot of nothing (showing)
spaces for rent (free for owning)
brimming with treasure (hidden)
Surprises crucial (owing)
this is just the way of things (knowing)
no one seemed to even hear (the wind)
it will be an adventure (crowing)
we can be heroes (flying)
caught in fleeting glimpses (glowing)
lives before us passing (dying)
but no one seemed to hear (the wind)
the most important thing (living)
is to wake up (giving)

Rob and Laura's avatar
Rob and Laura said

Congrats on a great RPM victory. That is some great stuff all around.

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thetworegs said

An excellent album and enjoyable listen ........

Dirty Spirits's avatar
Dirty Spirits said

this was a much needed and very enjoyable break from listening\mixing. you should be very proud of your effort. some of the best stuff i have heard so far.

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